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AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is a world-leading manufacturer of large-size thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels, which are currently the most widely used flat panel display technology. TFT-LCDs are used in notebook computers, desktop monitors, televisions, digital cameras, portable DVD players, mobile phones, portable games, and car navigation systems, among other applications. AUO is the third largest manufacturer of large-size TFT-LCD panels in the world, with a market share of approximately 13.6%.

Promate Electronic is Authorized Value-Added Partner of AUO (Acer Unipac Opronics). As an ISO 9001/2000 and TS16949 company with a strong Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Team, Promate has developed and extensive standard product offering in LCD controller card technologies, Ultra High Bright Displays (UHB) and Open-Frame Solutions.

Promate can also provide customized controller support, Touchscreen Integration, LED backlight design and custom packaging as well. All manufactured in our Class 1000 Clean room.

For more information about display solutions and customized products, please visit Display Solutions and Embedded System Product.

Product Lines & Applications

  • Notebook Application
    Steven Su
    TEL: 02-26590303 ex 1548


  • Mobile Phone Application – TFT LCD
    General Industrial / Internet Appliance

    Ken Tseng
    TEL: 02-26590303 ext 1536


  • PND /Car Display/Portable DVD / DSC/DVC Application / E Paper 8.4″ SVGA, 10.4″ SVGA
    Steven Su
    TEL: 02-26590303 ex 1548


Smile Wang
TEL: +86-21-6082-2688 ext.5103
FAX: +86-21-3951-2128
E-mail :
Steven Tan
TEL: +86-755-2557-3919 ext.3111
FAX: +86-755-2558-7176
E-mail :
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