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Prevent the Spread COVID-19

In the face of the impact of the epidemic, enterprises should have emergency response capabilities in order to move towards sustainable business operations. In order to implement epidemic prevention measures, senior managers personally participate in the emergency response team to conduct epidemic prevention management for the following items:

一、 Employee Prevent the Spread COVID-19 Plan:

1. Having flexible working hours can help disperse commuters during peak hours.
2. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we come to the office on alternate weeks to reduce crowding.”Including: video, e-mail, telephone and other software equipment, etc.”
3. Free lunch provided to employees to reduce the risk of infection.
4. Provide 75% alcohol by volume.
5. Take temperature.

二、 Shareholders’ Meeting Prevent the Spread COVID-19 Plan:

The company has formulated several measures in accordance with the FSC’s epidemic prevention guidelines:
1. Wear a mask.
2. Take temperature.
3. Disinfect and keep rooms well-ventilated.
4. Disinfect hands.
5. Keep a safe distance.
6. Disinfect the microphone.

三、 The Guestsp Prevent the Spread COVID-19 Plan:

1. Take temperature.
2. Disinfect with alcohol.
3. Visitors, courierand package sign will be carried out at the reception on the first floor.

四、 The warehouse Prevent the Spread COVID-19 Plan:

1. The company’s global warehouses include Taiwan Qingpu warehouse, Hong Kong warehouse, mainland Fubao warehouse, Songjiang warehouse, Kunshan warehouse, Suzhou warehouse, Chongqing warehouse, Chengdu warehouse, etc. In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention, epidemic prevention plans have been implemented.
2. The entry and exit management of each warehouse adopts the epidemic prevention level, and strictly controls such as masks, temperature control, real-name system, etc., and provides protection in advance.
3. The locations in the warehouse are separated and protected according to the social safety distance. Before working, the employees in the warehouse must disinfect the equipment in their own area, and start various operations after the disinfection is completed.
4. The dining method is divided into two shifts, and the dining area adopts partitions to isolate droplets, and disinfects before and after meals to comprehensively prevent virus infection and adhesion.
5. When the warehouse delivers or receives goods, employees must wear disposable masks and gloves, and hand over goods in a fixed area. And when receiving the goods, spray disinfection is carried out before the goods are accepted and unpacked, and disposable gloves are discarded after the inspection to ensure that the goods are free of viruses and personnel are not infected.
6. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of facilities in the warehouse; strengthen employees’ awareness, keep wearing masks and pay attention to hygiene in the warehouse; promote employees not needed for work, minimize conversations and maintain social distance; to reduce the probability of virus spreading.
7. If an employee has any physical discomfort during work, he must immediately notify the supervisor and the personnel unit, and immediately ask for leave for medical treatment.

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