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Sustainable Development Committee

For the implement of sustainability, PMT established “Sustainable Development Committee” in June 2022 to propose and enforce the corporate social responsibility policies, systems (or relevant management guidelines), and concrete promotional plans.


In order to assist the Board of Directors to continuously promote corporate social responsibility and improve corporate governance for the purpose of practicing sustainable management, the authority of Sustainable Development Committee should include the following:


  1. To formulate corporate social responsibility, sustainable development direction and goals, and formulate relevant management policies and specific promotion plans.
  2. To promote and implement the Company’s integrity management and risk management and other related work.
  3. To track, review, and revise the implementation and effectiveness of the Company’s sustainable development.
  4. Other matters to be performed by the Committee pursuant to the resolution of the Board of Directors.


Members of the Sustainable Development Committee





Eric Chen


Independent Director

Mei-Chi Chen

Independent Director

Jiang-Long Guo

Independent Director

Siou-Ming Huang

Independent Director

Min-Jhin Jian

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