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As the chairman and founder of Promate Electronic, Eric Chen leads the company with four main values: Sincerity, Diligence, Integrity, and Intelligence. These are the core of the philosophy for the upbringing of Promate. Our chairman strongly believes that such guidelines create a comfortable work environment which in turn helps strengthen employee dedication and enthusiasm. He values work ethics and encourages a work-life balance. By following these guidelines, we established professional relationships with customers and suppliers. Our position to create added value solutions for our customers has been allowing Promate to consistently develop lasting business partnerships.


Professional Technical Team

With an industry wide trend of companies moving towards providing narrowly-focused specialized services, Promate positions itself as customer’s “professional teammate”, providing customers with complete turn-key solutions. Promate’s outstanding asset is our industry-focused- the knowledgeable technical team. Promate assigns one FAE to every two salesman so that our team provides a more complete customer service. In addition to FAE, our RD team was established in 2001. FAE and RD, as a team, help customer shorten product development cycles. Our team provides module designs and both software and hardware solutions which allows our customers to be able to concentrate on their core competence and shorten product development cycle. Our team hopes that such services would make our customers more competitive, further enable Promate to build robust partnerships with industry leaders and thus ensure that we deliver upon our customers’ expectations.


Specific Positioning and Time to Market

Promate is an authorized distributor of TFT LCD panels, video processing chips, linear IC’s and wireless communication products. Promate focuses on high value design-in market offering products to the IT, industrial communications and consumer electronics industries. Technical Competence is Promate’s biggest competitive advantage. It is the key difference that makes Promate excels above all others in this industry.


Dedicate to System Module Market

Besides IC component business unit, in the year 1999, the Display Module BU was established to offer complete customizable display solutions. The Display Module current product line includes: TFT LCD modules, Bluetooth modules, GPS modules and some semi- or fully customized module developments.

Because Promate has a Component distribution business unit, it is advantageous for the Display Module BU during development for better component resource management. Also we are able to get vendors support for technical issues. In a different perspective, the Display Module BU’s experience with developing accurate high performance module solutions has helped our Component vendors with next generation IC development. The combination of our Display Module and Component Module allows both BUs to mutually benefit from valuable feedback and information on market direction from one another. This has allowed our customers, vendors and Promate to win a leading position in the high-tech industry.

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1 + 1 > 2

Promate’s business is expanding around the world with the increasing demand for more optimal technology solutions. Promate’s commitment to continuously improve our core competence and global marketing capacity will help us meet these market demands. We have repositioned our business to become more than a recognized IC components agent. Instead, we will leverage our components distribution channels to direct our new business focus on high potential total solution needs.

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