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Social Welfare

PMT Group takes corporate sustainability as its business goal. In addition to revenue and profit, it is also convinced that the cornerstone of sustainable management is closely related to the society. Based on the belief of “take from society and use it for society”,PMT actively implements PMT The Group’s commitment to social responsibility.

Spread the Love

Promate Group actively implements corporate social reciprocation and supports baked goods made by mentally challenged children with substantial actions, hoping to distribute income to disadvantaged groups and achieve long-term care. Therefore, the Group always orders gifts from the Children Are Us bakery on Mid-Autumn Festival or other major festivals; as of 2023, the purchases have summed up to exceed NTD 316,000. The Group also encourages employees and the general public to join and help disadvantaged groups operate more smoothly, spreading love to the corners in need.

Charity Performance

【Spreading the Seeds of Love Through Music】

Flutist Kuo Jung-An, returning to Taiwan for the first time after studying abroad, will hold a solo charity concert on a midsummer night. Let us come together to enjoy the beautiful performance while sowing hope for Taiwanese children and providing better care for the elderly. All proceeds from this concert will be donated to the “One Grain at a Time Social Welfare Foundation” and the “Foundation for the Welfare of Orphans.” The Promate Group is proud to join this endeavor, using music to warm this act of love.

Meals for the homeless

【They are homeless individuals; they are also human beings】

The members of National Taiwan University arrived at Taipei Main Station carrying 100 warm bamboo leaf-wrapped rice dumplings provided by the Fongyi Group. They distributed them one by one to homeless individuals and listened to their stories from the streets. We passed on both warmth and supplies, hoping they could have a satisfying meal.

Since 2023, the Promate Group has collaborated with the Homeless Service Society, a student organization founded by National Taiwan University, to jointly care for the homeless, acknowledge poverty, and see the corners of society. Together, we extend our warm and friendly hands, making this world a better place.

Blood Donation

【In 2023, the PMT Group successfully achieved its goal for the public welfare blood donation campaign.】


The National Blood Bank experienced a severe blood shortage due to the disruption caused by the arrival of summer vacations and typhoons. In an effort to alleviate the summer blood shortage, the PMT Group initiated the “Passionate Blood Donation” campaign. Through this campaign, they hope to encourage the public to join in blood donation to save lives. The event successfully collected a total of 65 bags (16,250cc) of passionate blood.

Care for Remote Villages and Schools

PMT, recognizing the challenges faced by children in remote villages, distant schools, and islands due to various family factors, such as lack of supervision and care during after-school hours and school breaks, impacting their personality development and causing family issues. In line with the spirit of two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “No Poverty” and “Quality Education,” PMT is committed to assisting various needs, improving educational facilities, and enhancing the learning environment for these children in remote areas.

With a focus on “No Poverty” and “Quality Education,” Fongyi aims to provide sufficient resources through after-school care or summer/winter camps. The goal is to build confidence, instill positive values, and foster healthy growth through love and care, allowing parents to work with peace of mind and break free from poverty. Simultaneously, Fongyi enriches the library resources for island students, expanding their knowledge and bringing the joy of reading to remote corners of the islands.

The hope is that through quality education, the inner world of these children can be enriched, preparing them to cope with the impact of economic, social, and environmental challenges in the future.

Sports Arena's Future Star

【Cultivate the Next Pride of Taiwan】

PMT is committed to promoting and nurturing promising and outstanding athletes. In order to continuously strengthen training and enhance the athletes’ skills, we invest resources in training facilities, protective gear, nutritional supplements, coach funding, and various expenses related to competitions (including airfare and accommodation for international competitions). This allows exceptional athletes to apply their talents without worries, dedicating themselves to rigorous training. We hope for the further development of sports in our country, creating a healthier Taiwan where everyone has the opportunity to become the future star in the sports world, showcasing Taiwan’s pride to the world!

Moving Pad

【Donate Fire and Rescue Equipment】

“The ‘Rapid Patient Transfer Mat’ is the most commonly used rescue equipment for military, police, ambulance, and firefighting personnel. Currently, the transfer mats used by firefighting and rescue personnel are accessories on ambulances. These mats are prone to tearing, and the seams at the sides are insecure, making it unsafe for quick or long-distance patient transfers. This affects rescue time and efficiency.

After careful improvement by the inventor of the transfer mat, Mr. Song Mingzhe, the material, stability, safety, and ease of use for transferring patients have been enhanced. This modification ensures a faster and smoother golden rescue process. PMT took the initiative in the first phase of donation by providing these improved transfer mats to the Taipei City Fire Department’s Second and Third Divisions.”

Nini's Little Secret

In the recent wave of the ‘Me Too’ movement in Taiwan, many victims have experienced sexual harassment or abuse during their childhood, often without awareness or the courage to seek help. Unfortunately, many families and educational institutions have not yet adequately addressed this issue.

The Slow Island Theater organizes the ‘Nini’s Little Secret Workshop’ to empower children in safeguarding themselves. Through games and puppetry performances, the workshop helps young children understand their physical boundaries and emotions. It aims to instill the idea that ‘my body belongs to me, my feelings matter, and it’s okay to say no if something feels uncomfortable.’ The goal is to establish concepts of gender equality from an early age.

PMT is actively committed to promoting the concept of children’s bodily autonomy

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