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Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (NDK) was founded in 1948 as a company specializing in the manufacture of quartz crystal devices with a business philosophy of “contributing to the prosperity of society and world peace through our service to customers.”



1. High-value-added industrial products
Develop and expand sales of high-value-added industrial products for industrial applications.

2. Highly reliable automotive products
Develop and expand sales of highly reliable products for automotive applications.

3. Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices
Continue growing sales to the fixed radio communications, automotive, and mobile communications markets and make this segment the core of the Company’s operations

4. Devices for consumer products
Develop price-competitive new structural products and high-value-added products, increase market share through timely market introductions, and secure profits

5. Sensors
Develop and expand sales of ultrasonic devices, biosensors, millimeter wave sensors, radiation dosimeters, and other high-value- added products integrating our crystal technologies

We expect the ongoing development of the communications environment, including Intelligent Transport Systems, wearable devices, machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things units, and other wireless communications equipment, and advances in medical treatment are making our society safer, more secure, and more comfortable. These trends point to broadening demand for crystal devices in the “frequency control, selection, and detection” field.

The NDK Group’s approach to this business environment will be to strengthen new product development in the five product segments shown below. We will focus on these segments to gain traction for raising earnings by providing products featuring the superior quality and performance that only our Company can accomplish and further substantiating our strong reputation and trust among our customers.

Product Lines

Production and sales of Crystal-Related products such as Crystal devices (e.g. Crystal Units, Crystal Oscillators, Crystal filters), Ultrasonic Transducers, Synthetic Quartz and Crystal Blank.

– Crystal
– ICXO(Crystal Clock Oscillators)
– SPXO(Simple packaged crystal oscillator)
– TCXO(Temperature compensated crystal oscillator)
– VCXO(Voltage-controlled crystal oscillators)
– SAW device
– Crystal Filter


Iwen Chiu
TEL: 02-2659-0303 ext.1158
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