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ZiLOG, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of semiconductor products that was incorporated in California in 1974 and reincorporated in Delaware in 1997. We design, manufacture and market various families of products in support of this semiconductor market segment. Using proprietary technology that we have developed over our 27 year operating history, we have continued to provide semiconductor integrated circuit devices that our customers design into their end products. Our devices, which often include related application software, typically combine a microprocessor and/or digital signal processor, memory, and input and output functions on a single device.

Within the five broad product segments of the semiconductor market, which includes micro-logic, other logic, memory, analog and discrete devices, ZiLOG primarily competes in the micro-logic device segment. Micro-logic devices are processor-based semiconductors that include microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors that typically process information, output data or control signals according to programmed instructions and various external inputs. Micro-logic devices also include microperipherals that operate in conjunction with these processor-based devices to provide systems support or to control communications, graphics and images, mass storage, voice and other user input systems. ZiLOG designs, manufactures and markets both application specific standard products (ASSPs) and general-purpose micro-logic products. ASSPs are tailored for a specific application but are not proprietary to a single customer, while general-purpose products are neither application nor customer specific. NASDQ: ZILG


– Microcontrollers
– Microprocessors
– Infrared Solutions
– IrDA
– Communications
– Digital Signal Processors
– TV Solutions
– Software


Iwen Chiu
TEL: 02-26590303 ext. 1158

Hiya Deng
TEL:+86-755-25573919 ext.3253
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